Tuesday, 24 January 2012

House of Growl

9:45am - You would think that Amber would be the only one with something to complain about, wouldn't you...

We have a VERY unhappy Dino bear today. After two hours of growling and hissing at Amber he has finally given up for a while. Maybe he has a sore throat. He is now sitting in the dining room ( as are the rest of the cats and The Housekeeper), watching torrential rain falling out of a very dark grey English sky.

Amber is contentedly snoozing at the side of the bed, having had a good night as far as The Housekeeper can tell and came up onto the bed twice in the night for cuddles. She seems to have accepted her limitations, wearing the collar and settled in the radiator hammocks both yesterday evening and this morning. She also ate her pink tablet this morning without any fuss whatsoever. The Housekeeper is now going to brave the rain to do some work in the workshop and is leaving the Abyssinians in charge for a couple of hours.

As with yesterdays post - we will do an update later on ........


  1. Poor Dino. He is clearly totally discombobulated, probably by the collar?

  2. Yes we poor Dino and Amber. We are looking for things to settle down at your place.

  3. If I were Amber, I would be totally bumming. Odd how Dino is the one who is more upset!