Monday, 23 January 2012

Amber's Op

8:30 - Amber went off to the vets on time in a stress free state, having closed every available door at bedtime the night before to stop her being able to hide away anywhere and run the humans ragged trying to find her and catch her. She had a very "resigned" look on her face this morning in the cat basket!

12:00 - The Housekeeper has just had a phone call from the vets to say that the operation went very well. The lump, as expected, was a fatty one and therefore will not be sent off for analysis. However, the vet also discovered that Amber had an umbilical hernia which he has also repaired. Apparently, umbilical hernias these are more common in dogs than in cats. Trust Amber to be different.

She is now resting well and the vet says that she is an "absolute sweetheart". Having talked through the options for collecting her, we decided between us that the best course of action is for her to remain at the vets in peace and quiet until after The Housekeeper has finished work, mid afternoon so that she (or rather, the boys) can be supervised when she comes home so that she is not stressed out too much.

17:00 - Amber is home and currently behind the sofa. She doesn't seem too phased by her ordeal, other than having to wear another collar however Dino isn't quite so impressed and is hissing at her a lot. She has a neat row of no less than 8 stitches down her tummy. The last time Amber had stitches, she pulled them out within an hour and The Housekeeper had to take her to an emergency vet to be restitched so the collar should prevent this - and the chances of Amber letting either of the others near her tummy is pretty remote!

21:00 - Amber is quietly curled up in the dining room, snoozing. The Housekeeper has seen her eat so knows she can't be feeling too fragile. Dino is still very grumpy and hissing at her when he comes into the room but the two fawns seen to think that everything is back to normal as Crystal is asleep in her hammock and Jasper is in the bathroom, wailing at something - probably his shadow.

Hopefully Amber will have a good night's sleep, settled in one place to aid the healing of the wound as quickly as possible. Tomorrow The Housekeeper has the joy of administering THE pink post op tablets. However this should be quite easy whilst Amber has her collar on.

Thank you for all your good wishes both on here and on Facebook. They are very much appreciated.


  1. What a relief about the lump. And always good to get rid of those pesky hernias too.

  2. Yay! I'm so happy Amber is fine! I'm sure she'll heal up quickly, even though it must be a real pain to wear that cone.