Monday, 16 January 2012

Lumps and Bumps

The Housekeeper can't quite believe its been nearly two months since she last posted. The 4 Abyssinians and The Housekeeper have survived several weeks of The Housekeeper working silly hours for Christmas Nativity productions and had a very relaxing Christmas and New Year but the start of 2012 hasn't quite started off as we had expected.

The Housekeeper took Amber to the vet this morning as she now has another 4 small red patches flare up on her tummy and under her armpit. Yet more anti-robe tablets and cream for the Amber-girl, this coming week. However, more worrying is the fact that because Amber has some patches of fur missing on her tummy, due to her ongoing skin problems, the vet realised that she has a lump on her tummy.

So, next Monday morning, Our lovely Amber will be going back to the vets for a little op to take away the lump and see whether it is a fatty based lump or something more sinister. The Housekeeper is obviously very worried about her, especially as she is due to be away from Wednesday next week for a few days but the vet assures her that once the anaesthetic has worn off that Amber will be fine.

The Housekeeper is also under the vets at the moment for high blood pressure and is due to go to have it checked on Monday morning after she has dropped Amber off. Think that appointment may need to be changed as the reading is going to be sky high. Oh dear.

Time to ring the insurance company !


  1. Poor little Amber! All paws crossed at this end that the lump wil be fatty and nothing to worry about.

    Welcome to the HBP support group!

  2. Poor Amber. Our purrs to her and to the human!

  3. I'm sending lots of purrs Amber's way - I really hope that lump amounts to nothing!