Sunday, 22 January 2012

Pre Op

It would be fair to say that The Housekeepers are not looking forward to tomorrow morning, one little bit.

Actually, to be fair, nor would Amber be, if she knew what was in store.

She has been very cheeky this week, running away from us during the day whenever she has been near enough to pick up and get pills down her and spending much of her day hiding behind the headboard of the bed.

Then, as soon as its nighttime and The Housekeeper is settled in bed with the lights turned out, Amber comes out and jumps on the bed and stands on The Housekeeper and purrs for England !

All the paws are firmly crossed that her op will go well and thank you very much for all your messages of support on our last post.


  1. Paws crossed that everything goes well with Amber's operation, and that they find nothing more than a plain fatty lump.