Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Imposter

Who's stolen Amber, the quiet reserved Abyssinian who hides in the bedroom and wont come out? Something STRANGE is going on.

The Housekeeper got numerous cuddles on Tuesday night in bed from a very dribbly Abyssinian

Amber was then seen playing with the boys yesterday afternoon in the conservatory with some new balls which The Housekeeper had got out of reserve stock and what's more, she seemed to be really enjoying herself.

But then last night, something VERY strange happened. The one cat of the house, who has absolutely no interest in human food whatsoever unless it is white fish shop fish, sat next to The Housekeeper whilst she was eating Chilli Chicken stir-fly and DEMANDED chicken. She then proceeded to fight off Jasper to ensure that she got the lions share and stuck her nose into The Housekeeper's pudding (a mini key lime pie) and licked the cream.

The Housekeeper was astounded. But she did get brought thank you presents later in the evening which were three of Amber's favourite cat toys which were deposited at The Housekeeper's feet whilst she was watching a film which was very sweet.

There's more Chilli Chicken for tea this evening..........