Friday, 27 April 2012

The Housekeeper has been busy in the kitchen today ...

It's her Father's 88th Birthday and her Aunt's 80th Birthday within the space of a week, so there is a family "do" tomorrow at The Housekeeper's parents house. On the teatime menu is The Housekeeper's homemade smoked mackerel pate and also a very large four layer carrot cake for pudding which will double as a Birthday cake.

The Housekeeper had a committee meeting on Tuesday evening so was able to test the carrot cake recipe out in advance and all agreed it was good enough to make again.

With the pungent smell that only smoked mackerel can make to the house, clothes and hands, The Housekeeper expected that she would have four furry friends supervising the making of the pate this morning, but it wasn't to be. However just as she was finishing the de-boning process everyone arrived in the kitchen so The Housekeeper thought that she had better be kind and offer fishy titbits.

It turns out that three out of four cats DON'T like mackerel.

In the dim distant, a small black cat called Mouse who lived next door and Parsnip, the first Abyssinian that The Housekeeper owned would have removed human skin for a bit of "Mach Pat". But not these guys, that is except for the Amber cat (still wearing her collar) who devoured every bit she was given and came back for more!) This is the cat who won't eat cat treats of any sort and never begs for human food.

This evening it was time to cover the carrot cake in cream cheese frosting and guess what, the boys both sat at The Housekeeper's feet and cried to be fed??????

It appears that two out of four Abyssinians prefer cheesy cake frosting to fish.

Just to be different!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Seeing Red

On Friday afternoon, The Housekeeper noticed a patch again on Amber's tummy, about the size of a 5p piece. The dreaded red blotch that means another trip to the vets is imminent. The Housekeeper rang up on Monday morning and get an appointment for today, but of course by then, the small red blotch was an explosion of redness which has been duly licked. Gone is all the nice new downy fur which had been coming through nicely over the last month.

So it's square 1. AGAIN. The Housekeeper feels so sorry for the poor little scrap, more so because she hates the collar so much and hates tressing amber out over catching her to get tablets down her but it has to be done.

Another week of Antirobe antibiotics to wade our way through and another steroid injection to come, this time next week.

Dino is currently chirping so there is obviously a great deal of cat conversation to be had this morning.

It's also been suggested that we get some cotton sheeting and cover the settee which is a man made fabric and get rid of the fleece throws off the chairs to see if this makes may difference to her at all.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Emergency Room

There's been a cat-astrophe of the highest Abyssinian cat order. The dried food has RUN OUT.

Allegedly, The Housekeeper thought that there was another bag in the food crate under the wet food pouch crate, and there wasn't.

So The Four, poor, starving, unloved Abyssinians had to make do with a wet food pouch for supper and the same for breakfast this morning with no crunchies on the side. I mean, what is a cat to do.

To make matters 10 times worse, The Housekeeper isn't going out as soon as the shop opens to buy us a bag, because - wait for it - she is waiting on a delivery to the house of HUMAN food. I ask you ........

The four have resorted to sitting at strategic positions on the desk and staring......

How can four cats possibly stare so loudly .......

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wet Paws

If your first furry purrotest does not succeed, try, try again

Wet conservatory floor - AGAIN
Pool of water from bubble tube piping - AGAIN
Housekeeper mopping up - AGAIN