Friday, 25 February 2011

Fawn Friday

The Sock Sorter

Fawn Friday was brought to you today by Parsnip Purrikiss
Pictures taken May 2008

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Showing Off

A customer and her two daughter's came to the house "out of hours" yesterday to collect a costume hire from The Housekeeper and all four Abyssinian's were on top form.

The boys allowed themselves to be picked up freely, after they had fully examined the hire bags which had been put on the floor, having been hung out of cat reach all day. They stood on laps, ran round like lunatics and were generally showing off by running up the stairs in the hallway and putting their heads through the banisters.

Amber strode into the room confidently, positioned herself in full view of everyone and proceeded to give the visitors a very comprehensive demonstration of Abyssinian cat yoga positions and hygiene at the same time.

Crystal kept her distance until the very end and then allowed herself to be picked up by Mr Housekeeper, just so that she could show them that she is a one man cat and although beautiful, will not stoop to showing off for an audience.

As with many work related visitors who come to the house, rather than the workshop, conversation regarding work was brief and conversations regarding cats took over which was especially nice in this instance, as they had lost a cat fairly recently and were enjoying the attention from the Aby's, I think!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Lesson of the Day - Jasper

Lofty Places

CAT:  I've found another room in the house which I didn't know about. It's very exciting. It must have been here all along but it's the first time I have been able to experience the room myself, albeit only for a few seconds until Mr Housekeeper panicked and saw me in the room.

He panicked even more when he realised that he couldn't get me out of the room on his own and The Housekeeper was on the phone downstairs. He didn't want to shout either in case it frightened me and I leapt, as he was holding me tightly in his arms because he didn't want me exploring the room on my own and getting "into things I shouldn't". He didn't like the idea of me getting something called rockwool insulation on my feet either. Dunno why. It sounded cosy to me.

HUMAN:  We are NEVER, EVER going to be able to leave the loft hatch open and unattended ever again.
Jasper can climb ladders as well as clothes airers!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sorrel Sunday

Amber - Age 3 weeks

Amber - Age 3 months

Dino - Age 3 weeks

Dino - Age 3 months

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Abyssinian Cats Eyes

Crystal's homage to;
 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

I look handsome, I look smart, I am walking work of art
Oh such dazzling eyes of many colours, How I love my eyes of many colours. They are;

























AND BLUE !!!!!


With thanks to Crystal, The Fawn Abyssinian. Age 3 weeks to 6 months, the light & the camera!
Pictures taken Sept 2008-Feb 2009

Friday, 18 February 2011

Fawn Friday

Crystal - Age 3 weeks

Crystal - Age 3 months

Jasper - Age 3 weeks

Jasper - Age 3 months

With blatant copying of an idea, on a theme, from the wonderful blog of The Poupounette.
We hope that Tama, Sei and Bibi Chan won't mind very much.

The Four Abyssinians are proud to bring you ......

Fawn Friday and Sorrel Sunday

(When there's nothing more interesting to blog about!)

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Six Months Old

Happy half birthday from The Housekeeper to her two gorgeous boys, Jasper and Dino.
 They are 6 months old today!!!

Happy Half Birthday also to brother Leon in Wales and sister Daisy in France

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

We have Moved!

Crystal, Amber, Jasper and Dino would like you to know that The Housekeeper has been phaffing...

Their Abyssinian Cat blog has changed from;

Humans "tut" - they always have to move or change something!

Blue Moon 2

It's been scientifically proved that Blue Moon's occur on approx the 15th of every alternate month.

The Housekeeper was woken up in the early hours of the morning by an Abyssinian, padding heavily on her chest. It was AMBER!!! After some whisker ticking cat kisses, head rubbing and even a bit of cat dribble, she actually started to rake the duvet to try and get into bed.

Amber cuddling up in bed is UNHEARD of. This has only ever happened once and she got out after about 5 minutes.

It has to be said, that if The Housekeepers had been woken up by either of the kittens wanting a cuddle and changing position 5 times in the course of a night, that they would have ended up on the floor or in their hammocks, however, when it comes to Amber and cuddles, you have to take them when you can get them.

So, The Housekeeper actually enjoyed a sleepless night of cuddles, head butts and purrs from the Sorrel one. She slept by The Housekeeper's side, on her chest and in a nest between The Housekeeper's chest and knees and kept The Housekeeper very warm.

Mr Housekeeper reckoned she was apologising for the chomped mobile phone charger !!! Who knows !!!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Crystal the Shed Cat

Crystal's second favourite place in her whole wide cat world (No 1 being under the duvet, curled up in Mr Housekeeper's arms) is the workshop where The Housekeeper works.

Originally she only used to visit the workshop in the arms of Mr Housekeeper when he came home early from work. However it's now become a bit of a routine. After breakfast Crystal sits at the conservatory door and waits to be taken to work by The Housekeeper.

Of course it didn't take long before, being an Abyssinian, Crystal had made it her own space. Its her sanctuary, away from the madness of the bouncing kittens. As the days got colder last November, The Housekeeper relented and even bought her a bed, just for the workshop. It's sat on top of a pile of flat pack boxes, at window height, from which she can survey the garden, watch the birds and keep an eye on the open back gate for the delivery men and any visitors.

And YES, it really WAS that sunny yesterday morning!

Monday, 14 February 2011


Thank you for all attending this session of Chompers Anonymouse. Who would like to be first to speak?

Three pairs of feline eyes and one pair of human ones fall on the older Sorrel one......

A: Hello. My name is Amber and I am an addict

Thank you Amber. Would you like to tell the group more?

A: Well. I ... have this compulsion. I ...just have to ..... eat Nokia mobile phone chargers......

Amber hangs head in shame

And when did this compulsion begin?

A: Apparently I've always liked chewing things. My nickname used to be Thuglet, until those two boys arrived. I'm definitely more delicate now but I just still like to chew. I've tried ipod headphones, but phone chargers are still my favourite.

When was your latest fix?

A: This morning. The Housekeeper came downstairs to make tea and as she turned on the computer, she noticed the copper wires protruding from the black coating. I'm not very clever at covering my tracks. I heard this cry of AM-BER from where I was skulking at the time.

What happened last night?

A: Well, they'd all done to bed. Crystal was cuddling under the duvet, the boys were in their hammocks and I was roaming. I was bored. I saw it on the table. I tried to resist, really I did. But all of a sudden there it was, in front of me, in two pieces, chomped.

At least I waited till the humans were out of sight. I chomped a pair of ipod headphones whilst actually sitting next to Mr Housekeeper on the settee. That DIDN'T go down well. Especially as they were a brand new replacement for another set that I'd chewed.

Do you know why you chomp cables?

A: It's not ALL cables. It's just Nokia phone chargers. The Housekeeper says maybe its because the copper wire in the middle is the same colour as me and looks good with my fur!

Amber blinks the wide eyed blink of a "trying to look innocent" Abyssinian Cat

So how do you feel today?

A: Embarrassed. The Housekeeper insisted on posting an entry that said "Amber 4 - Phone Chargers 0" on her "MyFaceSpaceBook page" to tell the whole world, asking if anyone had an old charger that she could have to replace the chomped one.

Someone brought one round too - Crystal was SUCH a tart, standing on her hind legs with Moppy in her mouth showing full tummy to the visitor - it was SO embarrassing

Think I might keep a low cat profile for a day or two.....

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Wicked Green

Wicked is one of The Housekeeper's favourite musicals and tonight on Dancing on Ice, being themed as A Night at the Theatre, they had the latest incarnation of Elphaba in her full AMAZING costume and green skin on the show performing Defying Gravity. Truly Wicked!

Dino decided that he would enter into the spirit of the evening and came into the lounge sporting a completely bright green nose!!! Yes. GREEN. We know WHY it's green. We just haven't worked how he alone is the only cat in the house who ever has a green nose.

When we brought Jasper and Dino home from the breeders we were given some snazzy gift packs with some food samples, toys, treats, vouchers for money off food and a bowl each from one of the food suppliers. They have a wavy top edge to them to allow kittens to eat easily and are deep so great for large scale consumption of crunchies. They are also green.

We use the bowls daily to house the unending supply of crunchies for snacks between meals. At least 2-3 times a week, Dino and Dino alone has a green nose after eating. We can only assume that it is the combination of how he eats his dried food and drinks water that's to blame - as the bowls don't loose dye when they are washed and none of the other three cats ever have a green nose. BIZARRE.

It is also worth mentioning that I am typing this blog listening to the voice of my telephone answering machine in the hall repeating the following;

Answerphone Off.
Answerphone On. Your call cannot be taken at the moment so please leave your message after the tone.
Answerphone Off.
Answerphone On. Your call cannot be taken at the moment so please leave your message after the tone.
Answerphone Off.
Answerphone On. Your call cannot be taken at the moment so please leave your message after the tone.

Amber is standing on the telephone base unit - with a very innocent expression on her face and a quizzical expression because she doesn't know who's talking!

A musical night indeed

And since folks here to an absurd degree, seem fixated on your verdigris,
Would it be all right by you, If I de-greenify you?

Friday, 11 February 2011

Mew Tube 2

Another lovely video clip taken by Jasper and Dino's little brother's "Mum" when she went to visit Leon.

It shows the kitten's Rosie and there's a momentary glance of Jasper exiting the play tent in the back of the picture.

The housekeeper's really MUST get round to downloading/uploading their own video clips of the boys

Thursday, 10 February 2011

He's not the Pheasant Plucker ......

He's the guy who lives on a farm in Hampshire, where they have pheasants - and pheasant shoots..... and he's kind enough to drop round with a bunch of pheasant tail feathers every so often. Think he may well have plucked the odd one or two in his time.

TJ (and Mack!) is the reason why we have an Abyssinian (or 4), rather than any other breed of cat. It's all his fault. Or so we tell him. Regularly. Mack gave us our first Abyssinian cuddle. TJ introduced us to Abyssinian breeders and via the breeder grapevine, we were introduced to our first Abyssinian, Parsnip.

TJ is now also the reason why, at this precise moment in time, The Housekeeper has four Abyssinian cats thundering round the house at top speed. One has a full length pheasant tail feather in her mouth and the other three are in hot pursuit.