Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Crystalpaws Cosmicstar - Tara

Today we have the saddest news...

We have heard that Tara, the beautiful fawn Abyssinian girl who gave birth to our gorgeous princess, Crystal is desperately ill and going on her journey to the bridge today.

Test results have confirmed that she has a tumour in her brain as well as first stage kidney failure. For a few months now her personality has been changing. She started causing fights, and going to the toilet wherever she chose. Both of which have been getting worse, but now she starts a fight, then stops defending herself, she is incontinent, frightened all the time, and has started attacking the lovely lady who gave her a forever home at the time she ceased to be a breeding queen

The Housekeeper can well understand the torment that Tara's owner has gone through since she became unwell, having lived with a brain-damaged Abyssinian for 9 years.

The Housekeeper was able to cuddle Tara back in 2008 when she went to collect Crystal from the breeders at 13 weeks old and thanked her at the time for her beautiful baby with such a relaxed temperament.

Tara will not be forgotten, for as long as The Housekeeper has Crystal as they look SO alike