Thursday, 16 December 2010

Blue Moon

At 6am this morning, The Housekeeper had an Abyssinian standing on her in bed. This isn't an unusual occurrence in itself, other than the Abyssinian in question, was Amber!

Amber isn't the cuddliest of cats. She's affectionate but it's in her way, on her terms. She is happy to curl up at the bottom of the bed at night with the humans and to sit at their feet in the evenings whilst they watch TV but she definitely isn't a lap cat and panics when picked up and struggles to get away.

This morning, The Housekeeper awoke to whiskers in her ears and small delicate car kisses on the nose (so it definitely wasn't a kitten!). Having slowly rolled onto her back, The Housekeeper enjoyed a lovely long "cuddle" with Amber standing on her chest, being stroked and purring quite loudly for her.

This is the first voluntary cuddle which Amber has given anyone since the kittens have arrived and as she had also brought her favourite toy, the Moppy, onto the bed with her as a present, hopefully this means she is a happier Sorrel Abyssinian than she has been recently :-)

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