Thursday, 2 December 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho. It's off to Hire we go ....

Six dwarf costumes and a a genie... sitting in the hall in a huge cardboard packing crate with a four way fold top waiting for the 7th dwarf to arrive back from Aberdeenshire, to be added to the box before it can be sealed so that the consignment can then be shipped to Liverpool for this coming weekend.

Unfortunately, four way top folding isn't very strong when something heavy and or live sits on top of it, dips in the middle and creates a gap into which something can fall.

Even more unfortunately, when you push against a four way fold from underneath - the gap closes up and the contents are trapped.

15 minutes last night.........

  • Crystal in box. Jasper tormenting her through carry handles. Crystal headbutting top of box but can't get out as she is closing up gap. Crystal removed from box.
  • Amber on top of box. Crystal with paw on Amber's bum "helping" her into the box. Both removed from top of box
  • Jasper launching himself at top of box from floor and failing to get high enough so starts leaping from the stairs into oblivion in the hopes of landing on top of box.
  • Jasper falls into box. Jasper removed.
  • Bag put on top of box as deterant. Jasper and Dino launch themselves into bag on top of box and all fall into box. Bag containing kittens removed from box.
  • Ten minutes later - noise from box. Dino removed from box AGAIN.
  • Kittens taken into lounge and put on settee and box moved to porch and door closed.
  • Noise coming from box. Amber located in box in porch and removed.

This morning.

7th dwarf arrives and is packed into box. All cats counted and accounted for at least 3 times before and after the box has been sealed !!!!

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