Monday, 20 December 2010

Hofstadter's Law

Just when you think that nothing else can possibly happen, the peace is shattered at 11pm at night by a side plate smashing into pieces on the kitchen floor.

It had been covering Crystal and Amber's dinner, which was in a bowl on the kitchen work surface to keep it vaguely appetising and save it from being eaten by the kittens who had already eaten their own tea AND the girl's crunchies.

The noise frightened both the girls who darted from the lounge upstairs. Crystal is now back downstairs, sitting in front of me whilst I type this entry with that "NOW WHAT" expression on her face, whilst The Housekeeper can hear repeated attempts from a kitten to scale the kitchen cupboards onto the work surface again and being removed and told off by Mr Housekeeper.

We assume it was Dino, but we don't know for certain. He was found tucking into the dinner, whilst Jasper sat to one side, also on the work surface, watching what was going on.

Hoover mobilised.

The Housekeeper reckons that on the basis that we've had them living with us for a whole month today, that we should give them back to the breeders for the next month...... Somehow think after reading this, that might be a NO!

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