Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Highlights and Lowlights

Christmas Eve Highlight

The Housekeeper spent the afternoon on the sofa wrapped up in a throw watching the film "Cars" with Dino curled up on her lap purring loudly.

Christmas Day Highlights

The contented look on Crystal's face as the kittens and Amber had worn themselves out in the morning with their new toys and were asleep by the time the turkey was served up.

The Housekeeper spent the afternoon on the sofa wrapped up in a throw asleep and woke up to find CRYSTAL?! asleep on her lap. She stayed there for two hours. Truly a happy Christmas afternoon!

Boxing Day Highlight

The Housekeeper and Mr Housekeeper left Crystal in charge for the day to go to The Housekeeper's Mother's 80th Birthday do. They returned 13 hours later to find the house and all occupants in one piece.

Boxing day Night Lowlight
Everyone must have spent the entire day asleep whilst The Housekeepers were out, because they certainly didn't sleep that night. The Housekeeper doesn't think that she got more that 30 minutes sleep at any one time before the Jasper scarf wrapped itself around her neck AGAIN and AGAIN, licking her eyelids and ears and telling her how much he loved her.

By 4am The Housekeeper wasn't loving Jasper very much.

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