Friday, 17 December 2010

Home Alone

The Housekeeper left all four Abyssinians on their own yesterday to attend her previous jobs Christmas do.

As she approached the house after leaving all four alone together for a full 12 hours, she wondered what state she would find the house in, however it would appear that it was all intact and had survived better than she had on the mulled wine :-)

As Mr Housekeeper was away for work this was also the first night that The Housekeeper had, home alone with all four charges.

No one went to bed before 1:30am. The Housekeeper was catching up on work and the kittens were RUNNING. When everyone eventually settled down for the night, The Housekeeper had Crystal and Amber at the bottom of the bed, Dino lying under the duvet, length ways against her leg and Jasper sleeping next to her like a human with his head on the pillow and body under the covers.

The tranquility didn't last long. Jasper got a little over excited and started squirming and ensured The Housekeeper got woken up at least once and hour.

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