Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Itchy Scratchy

Poor Amber is in a bit of a state at the moment. She has a skin condition which started in approx April/May last year. We have reason to believe it may possibly be hereditary - however - there are also very definite indications that it could be either a seasonal allergy (as it appeared at the same time last year) combined with over grooming.

As you can see she has some nasty patches on her inner leg, tummy and face so we have been off to the V.E.T this morning. She is now less than happy with me and hiding. She's had a steroid injection, with another longer acting one to follow next Wednesday and also has a course of antirobe tablets, assuming we can catch her, to ensure there is no infection. The problem has been dormant over the winter months and we have been able to maintain her with a course of Advacate with not only treats cat fleas and worms but also mild dermatitis as well.

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  1. Poor Amber! Sei-Chan once had something that looked a little similar and the vert put some magic potion on it. No idea what it was but it worked. I'll ask her tomorrow when I take Sei-Chan in for her annual boosters and check-up.