Thursday, 6 October 2011

In the Still of the Night

In the still of the night at The Housekeeper's you hear either the purr of Crystal, snuggled into Mr Housekeeper's arms, the chirp of Amber as she brings "Moppy" to bed, the "tarzan warcry of Jasper as he charges round the house or the cry of a Housekeeper as Dino launches himself off the bedroom window sill onto the bed and crushes either your ribs or bladder.

Dino, it would be fair to say, is now more like a small dog that a cat and if not watched will eat ANYTHING!

The Housekeeper had intended to blog today that she hasn't blogged for a while because their hasn't really been anything of note to tell, but all has gone mental this morning due to the ferocious wind that is gusting through the trees and garden.

Everyone is on high alert and running round like loonies. No more so than Jasper and Amber - YES! Amber who were caught play fighting together in the conservatory a short time ago. So maybe things have changed a little after all, except for the Princess Crystal who bides her time and looks upon the others with her usual scowl of discontent as they all misbehave!


  1. We are glad that everyone is running around so well! That is always good.