Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Booster Boys

I've just re-read my "booster post" for the boys from last year and too be fair, I could have almost copied it, word for word!

The Housekeeper took Jasper and Dino to the vets this morning for their annual boosters....

Boys boys were fine getting into their boxes. No subterfuge, closing doors hours in advance and running round the house like a lunatic as The Housekeeper has to with the wylie fox cub that is Amber Brown!

Jasper emitted his first ear-piercing cry as the car engine started up and managed to sustain the same note until the end of the road. Quite something! Dino wasn't much happier!

Jasper was first to be weighed, checked and vaccinated and cried in The Housekeepers arms like a baby with his heart going ten to the dozen. In the words of Mr P, the vet. "He's a bit solid, isn't he"! (Told you I could have copied the post!)

Dino was second. he decided the best ploy to the impending scales doom was to sit with one paw randomly out of the scales at all times, however he was placed.  This made the vet laugh a lot!

Both boys weighing in at around 5.4kg, both very healthy and as Mr P said "There isn't much wrong with either of them, is there! Beautiful coats"

The vet does however think that they are both marginally overweight so there will definitely be a limiting and weighing of the crunchies from now on to help both them and Amber, who has gained some weight from her regular steroid jabs. The only one who will miss out a little is Crystal who is such a waif. More ball games up the stairs too, for the boys, to wear them out!

Jasper obviously felt that it was a bit of an ordeal as he was shaking at lunchtime, sitting on the chair next to The Housekeeper. The Housekeeper just found two trips to the vets in one week an ordeal on her purse but they are definitely all worth every penny!!

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  1. I totally sympathize with Dino and Jasper - I hate the vet just as much!