Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Happy Birthday Amber

Happy 4th Birthday Amber!

Happy Birthday to the vunerable, delicate yet cheeky bundle known as "Little Legs"

She may cause untold heartache when her skin has errupted and she is in a sorry state with her plastic collar on but there is no better sound in the house than when "Squelch" brings yet another of her moppy toys and leaves it either at The Housekeeper's feet when she is working or, when The Housekeeper wakes up to find that Amber has spent the night moving all her "moppy babies" and leaving them next to The Housekeeper where she sleeps.

The very rare Amber 6am "stand and headbut" never fails to make The Housekeeper smile

Born 14.11.2008


  1. Happy birthday, Amber! I hope you get all a kitty could with for today!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEAUTIFUL GIRL! Hope there'll be some new moppy babies for you today!

    The Chans