Monday, 24 January 2011


The Housekeeper's friend, Ian, came to stay last night. He lives in Somerset and was working in London today so took advantage of driving up on Sunday afternoon, rather than Monday morning, a pub dinner out in the evening with The Housekeepers and a bed for the night, before setting off into the big smoke.

After the inevitable welcome wind round the legs from Dino, claws in the back of the knee from Crystal and complete ambivalence from Amber, he settled down into a chair with a coffee and the Jasper scarf and then had them all running round like loonies again when he produced some meaty cat treat sticks from his bag. All, that is, except Amber, who just doesn't DO cat treats.

The Housekeeper and Ian later went off to bed for the night, leaving Mr Housekeeper in front of a late night documentary. The Housekeeper lay in the quiet of a dark room listening to the stillness - and the cries of GET OFF, GET DOWN and GET OFF THERE coming from the other room.

Crystal settled into Mr Housekeeper's arms when he finally came to bed and purred like a tractor and The Housekeeper had her first uninterrupted nights sleep for weeks. Apparently both the boys had spent their entire night with Ian, who got rudely awoken at 5:10am by Jasper with his "I Love You" routine of licking the chin, nose, ears and eyelids!!!!!!!!!!

He had been warned to shut the door but declined!!!!!!!

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