Friday, 28 January 2011

VE (T) Day 2

7:45am - The Housekeeper awoke to a Jasper Scarf cuddle and much purring. Everyone seemed a little confused that there was no breakfast being served and no sign of any food during the normal morning routine.

9:00am - After a quick cuddle with each of the boys, The housekeeper took Jasper and Dino to the vets for their ops. They both went straight into their basket without any fuss and were actually worryingly quiet on the short car journey. We can ring to see how they are at lunchtime, and collect them between 4 and 6pm.

9:05am - Mr Housekeeper gave Crystal and Amber their breakfast and The Housekeeper was greeted at the door by a very perplexed Crystal. Amber doesn't seem to fussed.

10.00am - The Housekeeper is trying to look like she's working and being productive, but the three day old muzzy headache and preoccupation about how the boys are isn't really helping much.

1pm - The Housekeeper and Crystal are in the workshop. Amber currently has the house to herself. Everyone seems happy.

4pm - The Housekeeper sets off for the daily run to the post office and promises Crystal that as soon as she gets back, she will go to the vets to collect the boys and everything will be back to normal

5pm - The boys are back in town...... The boys are back in town ......
Well they never left it actually. The vets is two minutes away by car! But they are home.

Both have both of their front legs shaved where they wriggled so much that the vets couldn't get their drips/anesthetics in. Apparently Dino made lots of fuss when it was his turn to be anaesthetised, which in turn upset Jasper and he started crying too. They are both a little sleepy and disorientated and after a quick lap round the house to check that everything was still in place, and a kiss on the nose from Crystal, they have both settled down. Dino is in the fleece bed and Jasper is in the open cat carrier, lying on the fleece bedding in there.

7pm - The Housekeeper just woke up from a long cat kip on the sofa. It wasn't intentional but was obviously very much needed.

7;05pm Dino is now in the kitchen, demanding food from Mr Housekeeper which is a good sign! Jasper has run after him and attempted to scale the kitchen work surface, which Mr Housekeeper thinks may have hurt him a little as he may have kitten tears in his eyes.

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