Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Lesson of the Day - Amber


CAT: When deciding to leap in a graceful arch with full spring from the back paws, from the dining room table to the conservatory table ( 5 feet apart) it is prudent to remember that there is a glass partition between the two tables.

This is the fixed panel of the sliding patio doors. It doesn't open - and NEVER has. The doors have been in place for 20+ years. Amber has lived with us for 2.

Forgetting this vital piece of information results in a headache, a slide down a pane of glass which you can not grip onto with your claws and a rapid loss to your Abyssinian dignity.

HUMAN: Repeat after me .... I must not laugh. I must NOT laugh. I MUST NOT laugh... Ahhhh sod it!!!!!

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