Monday, 16 May 2011

Sorrel Snoozing

The Housekeeper is so pleased with the pictures that she took of  Amber yesterday, whilst her gorgeous girl was snoozing inside the laundry basket/tunnel that she has decided to print the rest of them today.

Amber really is a beautiful cat and The Housekeeper thinks that it is such a shame that she is so skittish and doesn't enjoy a cuddle as much as the other three Abyssinians. The other three Abyssinians all "belong" to one of the Housekeeper's, but Amber isn't really anybody's cat except her own and on the odd occasion that she demands a cuddle, it really is very special.

When Amber has had enough of humans, she either takes herself away to one of the bedrooms, or tells you she has had enough!


  1. Amber is very lovely. Her behaviour makes #1 think a little of me. I am a very reserved girl and don't fall over myself over her. But that doesn't mean I don't love her LOTS and she knows it.


  2. Amber does sound like her own kitty. Sort of like me, except that I do demand attention at least once or twice a day. Not cuddles (although they are forced on me anyhow), but attention.