Friday, 26 November 2010

2nd Breakfast

We appear now to have reached a cat compromise in the house. Crystal sits in the same room as the kittens and  supervises, but doesn't join in their games. Amber is still avoiding them at all costs except when there's a game to be played with a human and a feather and seams to breathe a visible sigh of relief when we "put them to bed" in the lounge and she gets some "me time". She is still growling at the kittens. The kittens haven't even been with us a week yet so it's all to be expected.

The main "issue" over the last 48 hours has been cat meal times. They are a NIGHTMARE.

The kittens are at their liveliest first thing in the morning, when they are let out of the lounge which means that the girls are more wary and keep their distance. I'm feeding the kittens breakfast first in the hopes that once settled with their head in their bowls, I can then feed the girls and everyone can eat breakfast together. NOT A HOPE IN HELL.

The kittens eat. Sorry. No. The kittens HOOVER their food then if not covered over, they start on the girls breakfast too.

I dished up the girls dinner last night, once the kittens were eating and immediately covered both bowls with a plate to keep them fresh until the kittens had finished theirs and settled down in the lounge. However Dino had obviously decided that he was still hungry and managed to slide the plate off the bowl and was found tucking in.

This morning, the bowls are covered with plates and each have an unopened tin of cat food on them - and YES, Dino has STILL managed to get to the food.

I have tried cajoling Crystal to come and eat once the kittens are settled and she can see them in the radiator hammocks, but she doesn't appear to want to at the moment and I'm not too sure exactly how much the girls are eating, which is worrying. However, As I have just finished typing the above, Crystal has just climbed onto the table with Leggy Cat (her favourite toy) in her mouth and deposited him in front of my hands. It seemed like a "thanks Mum, I know that you're trying" moment.

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