Sunday, 28 November 2010

There were 6 in the bed ......

and the little one said .... Nothing at all, they were both sound asleep!!!!!!!!!

Last night was the first night that we did not shut the kittens into the lounge overnight and left them with free access to the house. After approx. 10-15 minutes of running up and down the stairs it finally went quiet and I dozed off.

At 4am when I woke up there was a small warm Dino curled up in the space between the two pillows, next to my head. On closer inspection, there was also a fully stretched out Jasper with his tummy against the edge of the pillow with his paws wrapped round it. Crystal was curled up at the foot of the bed on Mr Housekeeper's feet and when I stirred, Amber came up too and lay on my chest for a while and we had a lovely cuddle.

When Amber got down, Jasper then came and made himself into a wriggly cat collar around my neck. Cute - but having the insides of your ears and your face washed at 4:30am when you are trying to sleep isn't much fun. I know how Dino feels now!!!

This morning Amber was found sitting on the top of the stairs with Dino on the next one down, playing with her swishing tail AND NO HISSING OR GROWLING! Last night, the kittens and Amber all enjoyed a cat game, chasing the reflection of Mr Housekeepers glasses across the lounge floor. Crystal still seems to have a very short fuse when the kittens are running riot and tells them in no uncertain terms when she has had enough, however, after a week, I think we are finally getting somewhere.

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