Sunday, 21 November 2010

Day Two

7:00am - Got up to make some hot blackcurrant and get cold capsules and settled in my dressing gown on the settee. Within 10 minutes I had two very purry kittens curled up on my chest. Both seem to be enjoying strokes and cuddles. Jasper settled himself round my neck on his side and Dino then curled up by my feet and we all snoozed together until 9am before feeding everyone breakfast.

9:30am - We have opened the lounge door. Crystal is growling at the kittens from through the banisters on the stairs, as they explore a little further each time they venture out of the room. Amber is staying in the bedroom!

4:30pm - I came home very briefly from the village hall to check on the kittens, who were both sound asleep on the settee, on their backs, legs entangled. They haven't settled in at all well then!

11:45pm - Mr Housekeeper has been in charge for the majority of today as I have been at a technical rehearsal for panto. The kittens have been very lively, exploring downstairs but have been growled at by the girls when they have attempted to go upstairs. Amber has stayed firmly in the bedroom. Crystal appears to be supervising the kittens from a distance but is still hissing at them a lot and neither of girls appear to have eaten very much today. Hopefully things will improve for them tomorrow as I hate to see either of the girls looking so bewildered and miserable.

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