Monday, 22 November 2010

Lesson of the Day - Jasper

CAT: The Doctor Who scarf style cat dancer toy is great fun and must be caught at ALL costs. After all, I have 9 lives.......

HUMAN: A kitten will chase the moving end of the Doctor Who scarf toy across the floor, furthest from the stick/handle, repeatedly until tired and sleepy. WRONG - the kitten has other ideas and aims for 3 foot in mid air to catch the stick instead after just 3 minutes of playing.

CAT: Chasing the moving end of a scarf thing across the floor, gets boring after a couple of attempts. There's no instruction manual with this toy, so who says I have to stay on the floor anyway.....

It's far more fun to launch yourself off the seat of the settee, then the arm of the settee and yes, the back of the settee - INTO MID AIR - to attempt to catch the stick end when it is raised out of your reach.

HUMAN: Doctor Who scarf toy PUT AWAY rapidly!

CAT: I gave her THAT look. I put my cutest kitten face on, blinked, blinked again slowly for effect and promised not to do it again (ok, so I lied!) but she still put the scarf thing away. Guess it's back to the boring, safe ping pong ball again, then.

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