Monday, 22 November 2010

Sink or Swim?

Facing the busiest Monday since Halloween, there was no way I could take the day off and babysit kittens and fend off squabbles, but nor did I want them to be cooped up in one room all day, so Crystal came to the workshop with me so the boys didn't get hissed at, whilst Amber was left to babysit. She has kept her distance over the last 2 days but hasn't actually been hissing or growling at the kittens, so far.

Each time I went back into the house, the kittens were bouncing in the front room, having not ventured too far on their own, or so it seemed. Yet there definitely less cat food in the girls cat bowls come lunchtime!!!

I left Crystal in the house in the afternoon to see what would happen and by 4pm it appeared that a toleration stalemate had been reached. Crystal was even seen nose to nose with Jasper at one point, giving him a "cat kiss" (although she did then ruin this tender moment by hissing at him 2 minutes later!).

Jasper is definitely dominating in the cuddle stakes and determined to be as close to us as he can get, turning circles as he snuggles into our necks and chirping loudly.

The kittens were put to bed at 11:30pm this evening after I came home from a pantomime dress rehearsal. And that's when the REAL fun started. Crystal and Amber must have had one of THOSE cat conversations, during the evening, which revolved around proving to us humans that they are in fact, also 13 week old kittens who love to chirp as they thunder up the stairs, try to barge their way through the closed spare bedroom door and, in Crystal's case, attempting to scale the clothes dryer. How long will it be before a 13 week old kitten tries that one out for himself .............. I give it hours, rather than days......

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